Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Jeff clr

I was inspired to do a quick clr job on Jeffy's fantastic piece. Not that it adds much, but I thought it'd be fun. Just for an FYI I put down a base tone of blue for the lady. Then applied a skin tone at 30% opacity and 20% flow so the blue would effect the skin tone, I did the same for the collar with white. I sampled the skin tone effected with blue with the eye dropper then used that as a basis for the lights and darks. Then used that to make lighter and darker tones of that hue. Then added yellow from the bg to the hair and to the white of the collar. It's very subtle but it effects it enough. It could do with a little more contrast on the face and some colour balance to bring out some more yellow tones in the skin, add some warmth to it and maybe a bit bluer in the shadows to bring out the coolness there. I may do it again tomorrow and go that extra bit :-)
Man, it's such a great drawing, Jeff. ENCORE!


Blogger jeff hasulo said...

Better watch out John or you'll quickly become my colourist!!

Merky Buckets though!!

30 January 2008 at 10:25  

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