Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Did this a little while ago. It's just Micron pigment pen, sharpie and PROMARKER. Kind of looks like he just realised he's not wearing pants or something.


Blogger margaret atkinson said...

wow,John, gorgeous lines, colour, texture! what a great character!

28 June 2007 at 00:50  
Blogger Brian Guay said...

He looks just great John!

"Why am I in a lab coat with glasses?"


He makes me smile.


28 June 2007 at 22:19  
Blogger Dancingbear said...

I said to my friend rob about the lion looking surprised about realising he has no pants on, he said, he looks worried because he just walked into a room full of humans and hopes that if he just nods an smiles people won't notice he's a lion :-)

Glad ya like him and he makes you smile :-)

28 June 2007 at 22:32  
Blogger jeff hasulo said...

That's what I'm talking aboot!! Mighty fine mighty fiine.

Yeah, I like the no pants thing or that he just ate a specimen on a wild cat response and hopes that noboby noticed.

3 July 2007 at 10:50  

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