Saturday, 9 June 2007

Neo is walking through the matrix. Confused, and full of questions. He stumbles across a funny looking child.

Neo "Who are you?"

Stewie "My my, aren't we the inquisitive one."

Neo "You haven't answered my question"

Stewie "Yes, quite right, that was faster then the fat one, but then that's no accomplishment."

Neo "Your not human are you?"

Stewie "NOT HUMAN!! NOT HUMAN!!! I'll show you who isn't human!!!"

Stewie pulls out a cell phone. Neo goes into attack stance. Neo looks that the cell phone.

Neo "There is no cell phone"

Stewie "Apparently, there's no brain either."

Stewie dials a few quick numbers on his cell phone, and Neo starts to break apart into cyberspace!

Neo "ARRGH!!"

Stewie "Well, I guess from now on, they'll have to call you......"

"The None, BAWHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"


Blogger Dancingbear said...

Did you write that? If so, you watch FAR too much Family Guy :-) You know Stewie too well, or were you an evil mastermind trapped in the body of a small child?

13 June 2007 at 21:26  
Blogger Brian Guay said...

....I watch way too much, Family Guy.

*hangs head in shame* :)


14 June 2007 at 08:45  
Blogger margaret atkinson said...

umm...there's no such thing as too much Family Guy, fellas.

15 June 2007 at 09:24  

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