Thursday, 31 May 2007

sheesh, it's about time, eh?

For an English project on Macbeth, I had to choose three characters in my assigned scene (witches scene) and design costumes for them... So I decided to do all three of the weird sisters in one go. I designed this thinking the whole scene would be lit with black light, so the actors' bodies would be invisible, dressed in black, only their faces being visible. Blah blah blargh...
Annnd this is a random cat guy. Sheesh, it's pretty sad that this is all my squiddiness can squirt out after not posting for so long!


Blogger Brian Guay said...

Floaty hats are sooo cool!! :)


2 June 2007 at 18:41  
Blogger Dancingbear said...

That cat is fricken awesomesauce, Katy. I love the line quality, very confident.

That cat needs a story. Do you know the Jason stuff? It's all graphic narative, very very little if any dialogue at all. I think that cat could tell a few stories.

Beautiful. Love it!

The witches...brilliant idea. Love the design to, very kuthulu :-)

3 June 2007 at 09:07  
Blogger fishbait kate said...

Thanks Bri and John!

Yeah I've seen the Jason graphic novels, I like 'em a lot. Maybe I will make a little comic with this guy...

Hahah Cthulhu, I wish!!

Ahem, and you guys both have to post soon!

5 June 2007 at 12:32  
Blogger Brian Guay said...

Your right, I have a few heads I drew at work last night, but first to sleep :)

6 June 2007 at 09:38  
Blogger Dancingbear said...

I've not had a creative idea pass across a synaps in a few months...I'll post if anything happens in the next while.

8 June 2007 at 22:32  

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