Sunday, 9 November 2008

all's i'm doing

i haven't been doing any drawing besides doodles at the side of my schoolbooks for a while now, but the kids in my class asked if i would do up a design for our program, which is urban education. it's going on a hoodie. anyhow, this is what i came up with, having no time and even less energy. i think it's gonna be white on black. well, back to the books...


Blogger katrzyna said...

sweet, mummin! nice!

9 November 2008 at 17:45  
Blogger margaret atkinson said...

thanks kate!!!!!!

10 November 2008 at 23:07  
Blogger Nik Steel said...


11 November 2008 at 23:01  
Blogger Crustina said...

this is a really awesome design! i love it.

12 November 2008 at 13:16  

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