Sunday, 30 December 2007

Holiday Hoopladoodles

Here are the two drawings I did for my lovable punky nieces for Xmas...


Blogger katrzyna said...

hahahah!! holy shite!
those are great.
welcome back buddy!

31 December 2007 at 00:24  
Blogger Dancingbear said...

Oh man.... PLEASE PLEASE do a book!!

Those kinds of characters need to be seen.

I'll be out of action for a few days.
I thought it'd be fun to smash my face as hard as I could into a frozen lake, what fun!

31 December 2007 at 09:33  
Blogger Brian Guay said...

Yeah, agree about doing a book. Maybe a children's book! I might have turned out much better having read stories with characters like this! :)

And yeah, I know, no drawings from me. Soon, and often are the words I have for you fine sketch buddies. :)

31 December 2007 at 14:43  
Blogger margaret atkinson said...

lucky kids, your nieces!
oh, poor john, hope you're recovering ok!

3 January 2008 at 17:00  

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