Monday, 12 November 2007


Here's my riff on Katie's Cat. I did one that looked more like a mouse, but I think this is more catlike :-) Thanks for the inspiration, Katie!
I was squidillying through the old posts and saw this beauty by, Katie. I think it'd be really fun for us all to riff on this guy and have a look at what we all come up with :-)

What ya think?


Blogger margaret atkinson said...

great idea! let's!!!

12 November 2007 at 17:39  
Blogger Dancingbear said...


Coolie. Let's.

12 November 2007 at 17:49  
Blogger fishbait kate said...


12 November 2007 at 18:13  
Blogger Dancingbear said...

It's a fantastic drawing, Katie. Beautiful design and wonderful character. It'd be fun to see peoples interpretation of it.

12 November 2007 at 19:03  
Blogger fishbait kate said...

yup, sure thing.

sweet interpretation of yours, i like it.

man i guess it's a sign that i hafta post when other people are posting my old stuff! hahah.

13 November 2007 at 18:50  
Blogger Dancingbear said...

hehe. Nah. I was just very taken with that drawing. The line quality is really confident and the textures are great. It also displays a great deal of character with the minimum of effort.

It's got so much character, it'd be great to see how others interpret it.

You've got a very personal style that I am envious of.

13 November 2007 at 19:00  

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