Monday, 12 February 2007

blame jeff!

hey guys - monkey boy and dancing bear will know me but de rest of yis can bug them to find out :)

heres a doodle to whet yer pipes

and yes,dats what I feel like


Blogger Dancingbear said...

Hey baz! Nice doodle, as per usual. Man, what a crap rhyme...

Gotta give you a buzz some time fer a chat!

12 February 2007 at 10:30  
Blogger margaret atkinson said...

oh, pure evil, love it! welcome!

12 February 2007 at 16:41  
Blogger monkeysquidling said...

Behold the Great 'Baz'elbub! Believe it or not but this is a self-portrait of him! Anyway, I sold my soul to the sheep dealer from hell and now he walks amongst us! Yeah!!!

Go see more of his designs here:

and promise him some pints and maybe he'll post more.

12 February 2007 at 19:22  
Blogger baz reynolds said...

cheers lads sorry i ainy gotten back quicker - hell bein fairly busy dese days and whatnot..ill see about bunging up another pencilfart uber der wochenende ja

23 February 2007 at 06:21  

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