Tuesday, 30 January 2007

phone sketches

Here are two small pen sketches I did while blabbing on the telephone. Sometimes doodling with a black ballpoint pen is exactly what I need to do to get sketching differently. And yes, I blab far too long on the phone.


Blogger margaret atkinson said...

It is truly amazing how relaxed my "while I'm blabbing on the phone" sketches are. There is certainly a reason for this: my small brain can't do too many things at once, and simply quits the incessant tape of negative hogwash. It sometimes works when I switch hands to draw. It is wild. I can't get as detailed with my right hand, but it seems to flow differently. I think there could be a whole blog dedicated to unconscious-type sketching. Hey, there is!...It's this one!

31 January 2007 at 09:14  

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